How Re-Gen Waste Reduced their Ship Loading Time by up to 5 Hours

Re-Gen Waste

Equipment Installed:
Fully automatic Twin Ram Baler
Newry, N. Ireland


The Challenge

The client had recently won a new contract to supply SRF to a cement factory in Europe. They required a machine to produce heavy, high density bales which could be stacked 7 or 8 high in the dock and could be easily loaded on the ship.

The throughput from their existing machine wasn't efficient and the running costs, regarding electricity consumption and consumables was costly.

They knew it was going to be difficult to find a machine that would fit the tight space they had and so they required a company that could work with their internal engineering team to design and customise a machine that fitted into the restricted area.

They also needed the project carried out in the quickest time possible.

Installation of Twin Ram Baler into MRF
Ship Loading Time
Compaction Force
Bale Weight

The Solution

Twin Ram Fully Automatic Baler

A Twin Ram fully automatic baler which integrates into the MRF plant and Cross Wrap system.

Bale Size Control System

The baler monitors and controls material in-feed into the bale chamber. This guarantees consistent bale size.

Customised to Suit

Our dedicated solutions engineering team worked closely with the Re-Gen team to understand their specific requirements within the new MRF.

Pre-Press Compaction

As SRF material is light and flocculent, the baler was designed with pre-press compaction to ensure as much material as possible, could be baled.

Moving Bale Table

Bales are transferred from the baler to the wrapper via a moving bale table.

Installation of Air Cooler Outside Building

This has resulted in clean, cool air pumping through the cooler.


This ensures Re-Gen’s team are able to remotely monitor the bale production, consistency and are aware of any real-time problems during production.

Control Panel in a dedicated room

The control panel was moved to a dedicated control room in an air conditioned container with cables running to the baler. This prevented any dust getting into the control panel and overheating due to the high ambient temperature in the plant.

The Benefits

Twin Ram Baler Installation into MRF

Larger & More Consistent Bales

Same bale lengths - all within 100mm.

Faster Loading Times

The consistent bale lengths allows the material handlers to lift 2 or 4 bales at a time. Bales with identical lengths are easily stacked, so loading in the ship’s hull is faster.

Gained max capacity from machine working in a hot environment

An air cooler was installed outside the building to ensure a supply of clean, cool air. As SRF waste can cause a lot of dust, this greatly reduces the risk of overheating.

Remote Management

A key feature of the fully-automatic baler is an baler performance monitoring system. Re-Gen’s team are now able to remotely monitor bale production, consistency and are aware of any real-time problems during production. This feature is vitally important when running such a large facility.
We have found CK to be value for money, reliable and their sales service & maintenance is excellent...since we purchased the baler a number of the parameters from our off takers have changed and CK International have been great with their after-sales services in changing and adapting their machine to suit our off takers requirements. To change densities, to ensure constant and consistent lengths. CK delivered the baler on time as per our schedule, which was of paramount importance to us because we actually had a boat booked before we had the plant installed. CK are... quick to react when we’ve had issues.
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