An Integrated Recycling Solution for Retailer’s Cardboard Waste


Equipment Installed:
Channel Press Baler - AVOS 1211


The Challenge

The retailer was wrestling with large clothing boxes, manually cutting and flattening these and packing them into 1100L containers. The containers then had to be taken away and tipped into a compactor.

They were moving around 3T per day. However, with expansion plans they needed to be able to handle 5T minimum per day. The current set-up was time-consuming and not compatible with their growth plans.

Not only was this inefficient but they were receiving little to no rebate for the material.  Their logistics firm approached CK International for a solution that supported their vision.
Installation of Channel Press Baler
Per Tonne in Revenue*
*Estimated price for 1 Tonne of cardboard, March 2021
Throughput (From 3T/day)

The Solution

Conveyors installed at retailers warehouse
Custom Engineered Solution to Suit
Following consultations, we came up with a custom engineered solution to suit. We helped centralise the waste processing to fit with the current process lines in the factory.

The Benefits


Reduced Labour

This new set-up means that the labour intensive operation of breaking down boxes and putting them in 1100 ltr bins has now ceased. The machine ony requires one person to oversee daily maintenance /wire change & bale stacking.

Increased Capacity

They are achieving minimum bale weights of 400kg per bale and have the capacity of up to 5T per hour throughput. This allows for future growth plans.

A New Commodity Product

The material is made into a mill size bale giving the company the ability to broker their own waste and get the best prices available. By producing their own bales, there is a huge saving on the transport of compactor bins and gate fees.

Refined Their De-Packaging Process

The solution meant that the customer could refine their de-packaging process and boxes could simply be placed on a conveyor in their original format (not cut up) and processed for compaction.
Waste Conveyors in Retail Warehouse
When we approached CK International they provided us with an integrated solution that took into account all of the challenges we were facing. As a result, our customer has become much more efficient, ensuring operatives are focused on the packing and shipping of goods to the stores rather than manually handling the waste. Our customer can now focus on growth, knowing they have the capacity to handle it. We are delighted with the results of this project!
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