One Baler
Different Waste Streams

CK600 HFEPC Semi-Automatic Baler with Portcullis Door
The CK600HFEPC is one of the most versatile balers made by CK International. It can process a wide variety of materials including cardboard, paper, plastic film, PET bottles, hard plastics, E-Waste and other recyclables.
CK600HFEPC Semi-Automatic Baler

Caractéristiques optimales

Système d'éjection complète

Ensures fast operation and avoids contamination

Système de broyage agressif

Will cut plastic materials

Porte d'accès hydraulique à guillotine

For fast and easy operation

5 fils d'acier - ligature horizontale

Ensures bale integrity for certain materials

Automatic start-up and bale full system

Télécharger la fiche technique

CK600HFEPC Brochure