Distribution Centres

Distribution centres receive large quantities of goods packaged in cardboard and plastic wrapping. After the contents have been unpacked, vast quantities of waste packaging materials remain. Traditionally this material was thrown into skips which were then collected regularly. With rising waste disposal costs in recent years, baling waste materials is now a much more cost effective solution.

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Distribution Centres

CK International have a range of balers that allow this waste to be baled inside the production area so reducing the trips to an outside waste container.

Whether it is a vertical or a horizontal baler that is required, CK International have a baler to suit your needs. CK Staff have considerable experience in this field and are considered to be industry experts having completed many successful installations. Our vertical range of machines are suitable for premises generating smaller amounts of waste. For larger quantities of waste we offer an extensive range of semi-automatic balers.

In addition to saving staff time, savings are made as baling waste materials reduces the cost of skip hire. Furthermore, baled material can be sold generating extra revenue. Other advantages of baling include a cleaner, tidier and safer work environment.

CK International also provide an excellent after sales service provided by our UK based team of service engineers.


Waste Management for Distribution Centres

To Your Industry

  • Reduced skip hire and waste disposal costs
  • Increased productivity as staff are free to focus on key activities
  • Potential to sell baled waste
  • Cleaner, tidier and safer work environment
  • Peace of mind with the excellent CK International after sales service

Products for distribution centres



The CK600 series includes the original CK horizontal baler, and has been used by waste recyclers, distribution centres, and companies with large volumes of waste for years. The CK600 series is exclusively horizontally tie machines, and have an extremely high shear capacity.
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AVOS 1410

AVOS 1410

AVERMANN’S CLASSIC FULLY AUTOMATIC BALER - The horizontal baler type AVOS 1410 offer first-class quality and high productivity. Special features of this automatic baler include the large feeding chute, the proven tying technique and the high press force.
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