Manufacturing companies generate large quantities of mixed recyclable materials which necessitates an efficient waste management solution.

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Manufacturing industries generate various amounts and types of waste especially cardboard and plastic.

CK International can provide baling and compacting solutions to a vast range of applications. We offer small footprint vertical balers suitable for small volumes of waste. Our larger compactors and balers can deal with large throughputs of waste and can be customised to the customers’ requirements.

The balers can be located close to the source of waste saving staff time as the waste is placed directly into the baler.

Additional savings can be made as baling reduces the cost of skip hire and the amount of waste sent to landfill. Furthermore, baled material can be sold generating extra revenue. Other advantages of baling include a cleaner, tidier and safer work environment.

CK International also provide an excellent after sales service provided by our UK based team of service engineers.


Waste in Manufacturing facility

To Your Industry

  • CK International supply a wide range of balers and compactors suitable for this industry.
  • Highly experienced CK International sales team with the knowledge and engineering support to provide optimum solution
  • Tidier, safer work environment and reduced risk of pests
  • Potential to sell baled waste so generating revenue
  • Excellent back up service supplied by our UK based service team

Products for Manufacturers



The CK500V is most suitable for premises with substantial waste such as large retail shops, factories and waste recyclers. The sturdy construction of the CK500V enables users to bale materials such as cardboard, plastic flm, hard plastic, E-Waste and PET.
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The CK600 series includes the original CK horizontal baler, and has been used by waste recyclers, distribution centres, and companies with large volumes of waste for years. The CK600 series is exclusively horizontally tie machines, and have an extremely high shear capacity.
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