CK600HFE - Closed-End Horizontal Baler

The CK600HFE is an excellent closed-end horizontal baler that can process up to 3 bales per hour. It is ideal for shredded paper, PET and aluminium cans.

Fully Eject System

The Full Eject System (HFE) ensures fast operation, allows switching between different waste streams and avoids contamination.

Ideal for PET and Aluminium Cans

Automatic cut out when bale is full

So operator is informed when bale is ready to be tied

5 steel wire - horizontal tie

Ensures bale integrity for certain materials.

60T compaction force, 15kW motor

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CK600HFE Semi Automatic Baler

Used In...

Suitable Material

Hard Plastics
Soft Plastics
Aluminium Cans
Steel Cans


Waste Recyclers
Distribution Centres
Medium and Large Businesses

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