CK450H - Large Feed Opening for Large Volumes

The CK450H is an ideal entry level semi-automatic baler. The distinction between the CK450H and a vertical mill sized baler, is that the horizontal machine will allow for continuous feeding, thus achieving a much superior throughput. It is suitable for distribution and logistic centres, warehouses and large retail shops that require a simple horizontal baler for relatively high volumes of waste.

Second Bale Eject

An economical system to use.

Entry level semi automatic

Cost effective option

54 bales in a 40ft container

Optimising transport costs.

4 steel wire - vertical tie

Ensures bale integrity for certain materials.

50T compaction force, 7.5kW motor

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CK450H Semi Automatic Baler

Used In...

Suitable Material

Soft Plastics


Logistics Centres
Large Retail Shops

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