CK450HFE - Saving Time While Handling Large Volumes

The CK450HFE is one of the most popular machines in our entire range. It can be found in logistic centres, warehouses and large retail shops with substantial volumes of waste.

Fully Eject System

The Full Eject System (HFE) ensures fast operation, allows switching between different waste streams and avoids contamination.

Perfect for Hand Loading

It’s height makes it perfect for hand-feeding and very suitable for dock level loading.

54 bales in a 40ft container

Optimising transport costs.

4 steel wire - vertical tie

Ensures bale integrity for certain materials.

50T compaction force, 7.5kW motor

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CK450HFE Semi Automatic Baler

Used In...

Suitable Material

Soft Plastics


Logistics Centres
Large Retail Shops

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