CK850HFE.PC.75T - Long Feed Opening

The CK850HFE.PC.75T industrial baler combines a high compaction force with a huge filling chamber to produce high density bales. The machine can produce bales up to 850kg cardboard, and can achieve a throughput of up to 3T per hour.

Fully Eject System

For easy operation and to avoid cross-contamination.

Hydraulic Portcullis Door

With mill-size bales

Hardox Castellated Floor

For low maintenance and long life

5 steel wire - horizontal tie

Ensures bale integrity for certain materials.

75T compaction force, 22kW motor

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CK850HFE.PC.75T Semi Automatic Baler

Used In...

Suitable Material

Hard Plastics
Soft Plastics
Aluminium Cans
Bulky Materials


Waste Recyclers
Logistics Companies
Any business with large quantities of waste

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