AVOS 1810 - Powerful and economic for big challenges

By using the horizontal baler type AVOS 1810 B5 you can compact large waste quantities quickly and safely. To compact fine-grained and highly expansive materials the AVOS 1810 B5 can be equipped with a cross-binding unit. The high throughput via either one or two energy saving, high performing hydraulic pumps allow an extensive range of applications. Furthermore the state-of-the-art key transfer system guarantees highest safety standard for exemplary operating safety.

Large feeding hopper

For convenient handling

press ram guiding on either plastic rails or steel rollers


Suitable to compact very large amounts of waste and recyclable materials.

High Throughput

Via either one or two energy saving, high performing hydraulic pumps.

50T compaction force, 7.5kW motor

AVOS 1810 B5 Channel Press Baler

Optional Extras...

Multifunctional touch-screen display for function and signal queries
Feeding conveyor to fill the baler evenly and continuously
AVERMANN special press ram to compact bulky materials
Press ram guiding either on plastic rails or steel