MPC20 - For Flexibility

The CK International portable Compactors reduce household and industrial waste volumes as well as paper and other recylable fractions to 1/6 of the origin volume, thus reducing transport and disposal costs. Furthermore, any additional costs incurred in open waste and recycling containers by scattered paper, the crushing of boxes, the shredding of bulky boxes etc., are completely eliminated here.

Large Feeding Chute

For bulky waste

High Performance

380 kN press force


24 V safety and digital control

Reduced Disposal Costs

Solid Construction

Teflon guided press ram & apron plate

User Friendly

Conical container design for easy discharge

Optimised for Easy Maintenance

With large maintenance door
Portable MPC20 Waste Compactor with Hook Lift

Suitable Material (Dry)

Plastic Packaging
General Waste
Mixed Recyclables

Suitable Material (Wet)

Optional Extras

Slanted or high side walls as well as individual feed opening possibilities
Enlarged feed opening "L"
Top-hinged or side-hinged rear door
Integrated bin lifter
Web-based message system
Suitable for stand-alone and ramp installations
Integrated rear hook