Retail outlets produce large amounts of packaging waste, mainly cardboard and plastic. Space is often restricted in retail outlets and disposal of loose waste in bins is inefficient.

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Installing a CK International baler can provide the solution to waste management/disposal in this environment. Baling waste not only leads to a tidier safer work environment, it also produces bales which are saleable.

CK International have a range of small – mid-sized balers suitable for the retail industry.
Waste Management for hospitality


To Your Industry

  • CK International offer an extensive range of balers to suit a wide variety of applications
  • CK International balers are easy to operate.
  • Increased productivity – personnel are free to focus on their key activities.
  • Tidier, safer work environment
  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • Potential to sell baled waste

Some of the world's best companies partner with CK International to help them solve their waste management problems

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Products for Retailers


The CK151 is designed for customers with limited amounts of waste, but who need to compact bulky materials. The large feed opening of 1 metre allows easy loading of bulky material. It produces a bale of cardboard up to 150kg.
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The CK500V is most suitable for premises with substantial waste such as large retail shops, factories and waste recyclers. The sturdy construction of the CK500V enables users to bale materials such as cardboard, plastic flm, hard plastic, E-Waste and PET.
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The CKSR16 Fully Automatic Channel Baler is a versatile choice for waste handling facilities, retail and logistics, excelling in processing high levels of material with ease. Expertly designed for integration with internal automation, conveyors, chutes or binlifts.  

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