Plastic waste is generated by a wide variety of industries. There is also a wide variation in plastic waste - hard plastic, PET bottles, plastic film, WEEE material. Since plastic is non-biodegradeable, recycling plastic is important in reducing the environmental impact of plastic pollution. Baling is an important part of the plastic recycling process. Large volume reduction can be achieved by baling plastic waste and the bales can be sold.

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CK International manufacture an extensive range of balers suitable for baling plastics from small vertical machines to semi-automatic horizontal balers and fully automatic twin ram balers. The best solution will be determined by the type of plastic and the volume of waste. Our balers can be customised to meet the customer’s needs.
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In 2015 CK International won a large contract to design and manufacture 25 baling systems for a recycling company in Romania, Greentech. The system included an infeed loading conveyor with a large feed chamber, perforator for piercing PET bottles and CK600HFE capable of baling in excess for 1 Tonne of PET per hour.

The project provided CK International with a few challenges; design of a new CK semi-automatic horizontal baler, specifying and sourcing conveyors and perforators, and manufacturing and delivering 25 baling systems within a 3 month window.

The project was a great example of teamwork in CK International with all machinery manufactured and delivered early in 2016, in what is likely to be the largest contract for this type of equipment in Europe.

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The CK600 series includes the original CK horizontal baler, and has been used by waste recyclers, distribution centres, and companies with large volumes of waste for years. The CK600 series is exclusively horizontally tie machines, and have an extremely high shear capacity.
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Baler dimensions: 2300mm H x 4250mm W x 9200mm L, RDF, SRF, MSW, cardboard, plastics, PET, HDPE, shredded paper, aluminium cans, steel cans and other recovered materials.
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