customer makes savings of €100,000 in one year


Equipment Installed:
Fully automatic Twin Ram Baler - CKTR82-120T-74kW

RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel)

The Challenges

This project was in collaboration with Avermann, Netherlands.
When the customer first approached us, they were operating a channel press baler. Wire was used to tie the bales, which was costly and time-consuming.
The incineration process was contaminated with steel from the wire ties. As the wires also needed to be cut prior to incineration, this process was proving inefficient.
The company required higher throughputs as they were not producing enough bales per hour.
They needed a cleaner system that was easier to use and required less maintenance.
Installation of Twin Ram Baler into MRF
Savings Per Year (Wire Costs)
RDF Processed

The Solution

Installation of Twin Ram Machine

In collaboration with Avermann, a CKTR82-80T-74KW Twin Ram fully automatic baler was supplied to the customer. This model is designed to produce mill size, high-density bales at high throughputs.

Integrated Direct Wrapping System

A Cross Wrap Direct Wrapping system was supplied to eliminate any need for wire. This system was integrated onto the baler.

Baler designed to suit the plant

There were very tight space restrictions on site, so the baler had to be designed to fit. It also had to suit the low height conveyor and match up with the Cross Wrap system on the outside of the building.

Integration with plant control system

The team from CK International ensured that the baler was fully integrated with the plant’s control system (SCADA). This meant that the customer could monitor baler performance remotely.

Project Management

This project had to be scheduled and planned out carefully. There were upgrades underway at other parts of the plant and material was being redirected. The team carried out this project on time with no delays.

The Benefits

RDF Bales

Cost Savings

The customer is now saving at least €100,000 per year on wire costs. As the process is cleaner, less money is spent on maintenance.

No Steel Contamination

With direct plastic wrapping, there is no longer steel contamination during the incineration process.

Time Savings

Time is saved at the incineration stage, as there are no more wires that need cut. Maintenance time is also greatly reduced thanks to the cleaner system.


Due to improved bale weights and densities the customer can better optimise their loads for transport.

Greater Throughput

The customer is now able to produce 20T per hour of RDF bales.
Design and planning were vitally important for this project. Initially we weren't sure the machine would fit in such a tight space! But working alongside Avermann in the Netherlands and the customer, we designed the baler to suit. It was a very technical installation, using specialised equipment, so we were delighted with the final result. It's fantastic that the customer is seeing huge benefits from CK equipment.
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